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Smooch cup is a mixture of our creamy soft serve dairy ice cream with your choice of inclusions. Pick your three favourite inclusions from the toppings section below and we will mix them with our real dairy ice cream. Add chocolate, colour, and crunch your way… What’s in your Smooch?

Stir it up!


Smooch Special’s are the combos we have created for you! We hope you love them as much as we do!

Kinder Kup
Smooch's very own buena mix created specifically to be enjoyed by all.

Cookie Crumble
A chocolate, hazelnut and crumbly shortcake biscuit sauce, blended with our real dairy ice cream.

Ferrero Fancy
Or why not try our Ferrero Fancy, a ‘ferrerocciously’ creamy milk chocolate, crispy wafer and chopped hazelnut sauce, blended with our real dairy ice cream

Oreo Overload
Deliciously crumbly oreo with an ooey gooey choc sauce that will make you come back for more. Who doesn’t love Oreo?

Mallow Mint
For all you mint lovers out there why not try our sweet mint and mallow creation with just the right amount of chocolate. Fresh!


These should really be called creamy luxuriously thick shakes … they are made with cool fresh milk, our famous Real Dairy Ice Cream (of course) and a chocolate bar or fruit puree of your choice.

Get creative with your shake by picking whatever chocolate bar takes your fancy- we do recommend our secret bweno version!

Chocolate Bar Shake
Where you get to drink a chocolate bar! We blend it with fresh milk and our dairy ice cream. Choose your bar from the display.

Fruit Shakes
Get pumped up with a passion fruit, strawberry, or banana ‘Real Fruit’ Puree, mixed with cool fresh milk and our real dairy ice cream.

Oreo Shake
‘Are you ready yet’ for the taste of real creamy goodness from an Oreo Smooch milkshake … Oreo biscuit crumb, cool fresh milk and our real dairy ice cream.

Chocolate Teaser
Intense dark cocoa chocolate sauce, crunchy mini chocolate malt ‘smooch’ teasers blended with cool fresh milk and our real dairy ice cream – indulgent naturally!


Sometimes you just can't beat the originals! 

A Whipped ice cream cone, a 99, a sundae, real classics that never go out of fashion, that just seem to have been around since … ‘everybody was a child’ … They are Real Dairy Ice Cream in its purest state, where you get to spend a moment savouring that milky goodness of rich dairy farmed in the green pasturers of Ireland. No wonder it tastes so good!

Our classic whipped ice creams:

  • 99
  • Plain Cone
  • Screwball
  • Sundae

and lots more!!